How To Build With WoodBlocX?


The unique WoodBlocX™ system means that it can be adapted to almost any garden situation, and any size or design that is needed. There are hundreds of pre-designed beds, planters, ponds and more, but we can also help you to design whatever it is that you need, so that it fits perfectly into your space.

Once the design is finalised, delivery only takes 3-4 days and you can choose a day of your choice. WoodBlocX™ is so simple to construct, your garden could be transformed by the end of the weekend!

Use the menu to navigate to the type of product that you need. You can view our pre-designed kits, use our online calculator to work out the price of your own design or use our free bespoke design service!

5 Reasons why WoodBlocX are great for your garden:


Nothing lasts as long as stone, but we can't all have the expertise or money to build beautiful stone walls. WoodBlocX provides a simple alternative that will last much longer than made-up wooden structures. Because it is pre-drilled the pressure treatment penetrates almost 100% of the sapwood and it can be expected to last 15 years or more, when installed following our simple instructions.


WoodBlocX has more strength than masonry in some situations because it can withstand tension forces as well as compression. It will not crack with ground movement or frost. WoodBlocX is put together with many joints (each dowel withstands 0.9 tonnes shear force) and forms a rigid structure that will not easily distort like other timber products.


Here WoodBlocX really comes into its own! It is light and easy to carry and all the parts fit into an average car. To put it up you need no elaborate foundations, no cement mixer or water, and only a hammer and some common household tools. It is quick! No waiting for cement to dry.


WoodBlocX has a really neat attractive appearance. If desired it can be painted with exterior wood paints or just left with its natural colour which will last for several years. Because it retains its shape WoodBlocX will generally look much neater than assembled-on-site wooden products.


Naturally stone is expensive to buy and to build. WoodBlocX is comparable to brick, and less expensive if you do it yourself. Other wood products that are cheaper to buy are not so durable or attractive and are generally much harder to put up.